Pet Waste Removal Service (professional Pooper Scooper)

Residential Pet Waste Removal

Pet Waste Removal and Cleanup Service (locally owned and operated)

Pet Butler of Cincinnati, Ohio provides dog / pet waste removal / pet waste cleanup services to homes and multi-family communities. Since 1988 Pet Butler has been #1 in the “#2” Pet Waste Free Yard = Happy Dog - Hire a pet waste removal servicebusiness! Pet Butler of Cincinnati, Ohio provides the best in “pet poop” cleanup and disposal services.

Pet Butler of Cincinnati, Ohio is fully bonded and insured (including workman’s compensation.) This is a very important part of our overall commitment to protect you and your pets. Pet Butler’s helpful and knowledgeable office staff is available via phone and email. Yes, we answer our phones! We are also available here on the web anytime!


We scoop anytime you need it! Our most popular pet waste removal schedules are twice-per-week and once-a-week. 3x’s a week and every-other-week are also quite popular. Pet Butler of Cincinnati, Ohio can also provide a one-time cleaning – all at extremely reasonable rates! There are no long-term contracts – in fact you can make changes to your pet waste removal service or cancel anytime with just one day’s notice. You do not have to be home while our technician cleans your yard and we don’t mind a bit if your dogs are left in the yard. Kitty litter cleanup is also available at any schedule.


When your tech arrives they will scoop up and bag all pet waste as well as any small trash that’s easy to get. Next they will shut your gate securely and take away all of the waste and small trash when they leaves.


For your pet & yard’s protection a disinfectant spray is used on our tools and shoes between each yard to prevent the spread of disease.


You will be happy to know that every Pet Butler of Cincinnati, Ohio pet waste removal technician wear’s a clean and tidy uniform and our service trucks are very clearly marked so you will always know if Pet Butler is in your yard and driveway.


Pet Butler of Cincinnati, Ohio offers numerous other services aimed at giving you more time to enjoy your yard and pets. Some examples of these additional services include:Pet Waste Removal Services

  • Odor Eliminator Spray – A natural enzyme spray that rids your lawn and patio of any organic odor such as urine. This spray is available when temperatures exceed 32 degrees.
  • Lawn Disinfectant Spray – Moving into a new home that previously had dogs in the yard? This is the product for you. No one can completely guarantee to rid a yard of all diseases but this all-natural disinfectant spray is the best way to protect your “best friend(s)” from previous owner’s sick pets.
  • Piddle Post – This 8 inch stake is placed in the ground and encourages your dog to “go” only in that area. This training aid lasts up to 3 months and is installed by Pet Butler of Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Spray Off Deck or Patio – Pet Butler sprays off your deck using nearby water hose (supplied by customer).


At Pet Butler of Cincinnati, Ohio your complete satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed! Pet Butler will happily come back out to your property if you feel we did not do a terrific job!


Pet Butler of Cincinnati, Ohio makes paying for your pet waste removal services as easy and hassle-free as the services themselves. Our most popular option is monthly debit of any major credit card or bank card for the next month’s service (a receipt/reminder is emailed to you immediately after debiting).

Thank you for taking our online customer tour. We hope you now see why Pet Butler of Cincinnati, Ohio really is America’s Pet Waste Cleanup Service! If you have any questions or comments, please call us and a Pet Butler of Cincinnati, Ohio representative will be happy to help you. If you are ready to get your service started click here and sign up online!


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