Pet Waste Removal Service (professional Pooper Scooper)

Why Pet Butler Cincinnati – Professional Pooper Scoopers?

Pet Butler Cincinnati’s answer to “Why?” is in the name of Gromit!  We love our boy, Gromit and if you’re pet lovers like we are, you do whatever it takes to provide a healthy Pet Butler Cincinnati - a pooper scooper businessenvironment for your beloved pets.

Of course this is our heart-driven response.  Now let’s take a look at the facts around why you should choose Pet Butler Cincinnati.

We’re experienced

Pet Butler North Cincinnati/South Dayton (Springboro) has been the service provider of choice making residential yards and multi-family communities cleaner & safer to walk and play in for over 7 years. We currently provide pet waste removal service for hundreds of dogs and cats each week across the Cincinnati and South Dayton (Springboro) area.

We’re a reputable organization.  Yes, we’re Poo-fessional  Pooper Scoopers!

We are fully bonded and insured (including workman’s compensation.) This is a very important part of our overall commitment to protect you and your pets. Pet Butler’s helpful andProfession Pooper Scooper serving the Cincinnati, Ohio area knowledgeable office staff is available via phone and email 7 am to 9 pm EST, Monday – Friday.

Scoop Time – we meet your needs

We pooper scoop anytime you need it! Our most popular schedules are twice-per-week and once-a-week. Three-times- a-week and every-other-week are also quite popular. We can also provide a one-time cleaning – all at extremely reasonable rates!  Kitty litter cleanup is also available at any schedule.

There are no long-term contracts – in fact you can make changes to your pooper scooper service or cancel anytime with just one day’s notice.

We don’t just scoop it, we haul it away

That’s right! We not only pooper scoop the pet waste and small trash, but we completely remove it from your property and dispose of the waste following local guidelines.Scoopster - our pooper scooper mascot

We want to ensure you’re completely satisfied with our service

Your complete satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed or it’s free! Pet Butler will happily come back out to your property if you feel we did not do a terrific job!

We’re highly interested in you and your pet’s safety

For your pet & yard’s protection a disinfectant spray is used on our tools and shoes between each yard to prevent the spread of disease.

For your peace of mind, our Pet Butler technicians and our pet waste removal service trucks are very clearly marked so you will always know if Pet Butler Cincinnati is in your yard and driveway.